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kipp 8th Dec, 2011+0
Repeated calls on my cell phone from a computer that NEVER stop! No way to get off this call list. Can you help?
Marie-Elise 4th Dec, 2011+0
The phone calls from this number [no name comes up on the caller id just the phone number] started on May 10. Whoever owns the phone number is a real dumbf**k as these people [person whoever the f**k ever] keep dialing the number to our business fax machine, thinking it's a real phone number when it's a business fax number they are calling. They do this all f**king day long, clogging our business fax machine, blocking other businesses from faxing us. We had tried calling the number but cannot ever get through. If these phone calls do not f**king stop, we will sue the phone company network that the number is on and we will sue whoever it is that is supposed to own the number.
anastasiya 2nd Dec, 2011+0
I have been called by this number several times and explaned that this is not the person they are looking for. But still they presist to call my number.
HB 2nd Dec, 2011+0
Savannah 25th Nov, 2011+0
this number has called me the same time the last few days. wont leave a message. it is kind of creepy.
mrsc 14th Nov, 2011+0
Just received an unwanted suggestive text message from this number.
NuSh 11th Nov, 2011+0
this is chase auto loans.
Richard Anderson 6th Nov, 2011+0
Random text. Do you have 20,000 CREDIT CARD DEBT? Our national program REDUCES it by HALF! Reply "Debt" to see if you qualify!
hopalong 5th Nov, 2011+0
I blocked them thru verizon who is my cell phone carrier. That is the only number of mine they call.
Linda Pazera 24th Sep, 2011+0
I keep getting a call from a gentlemen with a heavy indian accent telling me that this is a very time-sensitive issue that needs immediate attention from me and my attorney. He tells me that I am being investigated, that my residence is being investiated, that my social security number is being held somewhere. I could barely understand what he is saying. But he keeps telling me that if i don't return his call that there will be an legal action brought against me. Then he wishes me the best of luck. He said he was from All American Services. When I tried to google this to get info. on them I couldn't find this business at all.
fred boettinger 27th Aug, 2011+0
They are a company in New Jersey who does telemarketing calls for other companies. They always call me about magazine subscriptions I used to have but canceled. They can legally call you because you were a customer by having the magazine subscription. If you ask them to remove you from their call list then they need to do it.
Jade 20th Aug, 2011+0
It is a scam. Threaten to call the cops and report them, or let them know you have already reported them. They turn into jerks yelling at you and cussing you out. Its not the first company that has contacted me stating I got a payday loan and defaulted on it. All these companies threaten you and make deragetory comments about sex.
TRIXXXIE 4th Aug, 2011+0
Left me a message said to call back about a personal matter. He didn't say anything else. His name was Insintay (or at least that's what it sounded like...)
hailey 28th Jul, 2011+0
Caller left a message saying there has been serious charges filed against my SSN. She has heavy accent but didn't give any company name or any other information other than to call.
alli 17th Jul, 2011+0
Telemarketer. Very thick Indian accent, trying to sell me real estate referral systems. Absolute crap

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